Owner’s Pride PPF Training

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Our OP PPF Training will take you through the ropes of installing Paint Protection Film from Beginning to End. You’ll be able to learn from the best and get to use the newest, in technology, paint protection film in the market. With Sign Up you will receive 3 days of amazing training, PPF Starter Tool Kit, Certification, Lunches Provided.

How Much: $2250

What You Will Receive: Three Days of Training, PPF Starter Took Kit, Lunch Provided, and Certification as an Owner’s Pride Certified PPF Installer

Deadline: You have to sign up Dec 6th, 2022

When: Dec 9th-11th, 2022


2862 Appling Way, Memphis, TN


Word of Mouth Detailing

OP PPF Training Plan:

Dec 9th – Day 1 PPF Training: 

  • Mixing Slip Solution & Tack,
  •         Capabilities of the PPF, how much to stretch, how not to delaminate the film, ect. 
  •         How to Trim w/o Cutting Paint.
  •         Pre Cut Patterns ( partial hoods, fenders, and mirrors )

Dec 10th- Day 2 PPF Training: 

  •         Installing Pre Cuts cont.
  •         Installing Bumpers
  •         Bulking Full Panels
  •         How to Heat Seal

Dec 11th – Day 3 PPF Training: 

  • Install full front clip on a vehicle
  • Recap
  • Ends @ 3pm

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