• OP Edgeless Towel

    The Owner’s Pride Edgeless Towel is so soft it'll make the clouds jealous! This towel is a necessity for your vehicle detailing and cleaning kit. The ultra-soft towel ensures that it won’t scratch the finish while still leaving an amazing shine. The edges of the towels are laser-cut to ensure a scratch-free experience on vehicle surfaces. Our Edgeless Towel has a GSM of 450 making it perfect for picking up dirt and debris as well as absorbing water while drying. Keep using your towel again and again by machine washing and hanging to dry.    
  • The Owner’s Pride Sponge is a must-have for washing your vehicle. The Owner’s Pride Sponge is made to work with any car wash soap or Eco Wash. The soft foam of the Owner’s Pride Sponge cleans and lifts debris from surfaces without scratching the paint. Utilizing smart foam technology dirt and debris are stored in the grooves of the grid on either side of the Owner’s Pride Sponge. This sponge is extremely easy to clean so you can use it again and again. Simply open the sponge-like an accordion and rinse out. Make sure you inspect your sponge before using it after cleaning to prevent future scratches from leftover debris. The Owner’s Pride Sponge holds whatever cleaning solution you are using in its pores meaning you will use less product for a better clean. This sponge was created for the weekend warrior and the professional detailer alike. Join the revolution of soft foam technology and see what everyone is talking about!
    • Textured matte finish.
    • Heavy-duty all steel body ensures long-lasting operation.
    • Lightweight and portable, it can be moved easily to any location.
  • TOLCO-320ARS Proprietary design extends product life when used with acid solutions.  Output 1.4 Ml, thread finish 28/400, dip tube length 9 1/4 inches, can be purchase one at a time or in case lots of 200.  Three-finger trigger and rear support makes extended use more comfortable. Adjustable spray nozzle.  Pat finish 28/400, dip tube length 9 1/4 inches, can be purchase one at a time or in case lots of 200.  Three-finger trigger patent Pending.
  • This Chemical resistance trigger sprayer was developed using proprietary designs and materials for greater durability when used with harsh chemicals. Designed with an adjustable nozzle that lets you control the 1.4mL per stroke output from a fine mist to a stream.
  • The Typhoon® Pro is an all- metal, plated version of the Typhoon® Blow Gun. This allows for easy cleanup in paint or greasy environments. The metal trigger and grip provide durability in the harshest of conditions.
  • The Z-020 TORNADOR® BLACK has newly developed rotational technology inside the funnel to provide faster, more powerful cleaning. Professional detailers will love the speed and effectiveness of the TORNADOR® BLACK. The new design reduces wear and ensures longer life and superior performance.

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