Black and White 8 inch Utility Wash Brush – Medium/Soft


Black and white utility brush has medium-soft bristles, which make it ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces. Auto detailers can safely use this brush to clean the exterior areas of a vehicle.

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8 Inch Utility Wash Brush – Medium/Soft Car Wash Brush

The black and white utility car wash brush, featuring medium-soft bristles, emerges as a versatile and essential tool tailored for safely cleaning sensitive surfaces on a vehicle’s exterior. Its thoughtful design strikes an optimal balance between effective cleaning and gentle treatment, making it a trusted choice for auto detailers who seek meticulous care without compromising surface integrity.

With its adaptability to a variety of tasks, from intricate emblems to delicate chrome accents and decorative moldings, the brush ensures controlled and precise cleaning, leaving no room for contaminants. Beyond its cleaning prowess, the brush contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle by preserving sensitive areas’ finish.

In essence, the 8 inch black and white car wash brush embodies a commitment to both effective cleaning and surface preservation, reflecting the precision and dedication inherent in modern automotive detailing tools.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 9 in

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