Blue 8 inch Utility Wash Brush -Medium


This blue wash brush has medium bristles that make it ideal for removing the tough dirt and stubborn grime on a car. Detailers use this brush in places such as the edges of the undercarriage of a vehicle or tire.

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Blue 8 inch Utility Car Wash Brush -Medium

The blue 8 inch car wash brush, featuring medium bristles, is a versatile and essential tool for efficiently tackling stubborn grime and tough dirt on vehicles, offering a balanced approach between effective cleaning and surface preservation.

Particularly favored by detailers, this brush excels in reaching intricate areas like undercarriage edges and tires, effectively removing contaminants while maintaining controlled and precise cleaning. Its adeptness at maneuvering around tight corners ensures thorough results, leaving no space for dirt to hide.

This car wash brush not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of vehicles but also contributes to their overall functionality and longevity, embodying a commitment to meticulous automotive care and setting a standard for effective and reliable cleaning solutions.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 9 in

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