Ceramic Detailer


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How To Use


Dry Application

  1. Mist Ceramic Detail Spray onto a premium microfiber towel

  2. Start applying Ceramic Detail Spray in straight lines on the surface

  3. Use a secondary towel to wipe off any excess

Wet Application

  1. Completely wash your vehicle

  2. Before you dry off the vehicle spray Ceramic Detail Spray onto the wet surface

  3. Let Ceramic Detail Spray dwell for 30 seconds then rinse off completely

Do Not Use In Direct Sunlight

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

3 reviews for Ceramic Detailer

  1. Ben Killham (verified owner)

    I love using Ceramic Detailer it is one of the most rewarding products to work with. There are several ways to apply it and all of which are very easy to apply. It performs like a ceramic coating but you don’t have to worry about high spots or streaking. I would HIGHLY Recommend Ceramic Detailer !!!

  2. Alan Nieves (verified owner)

    Three great uses out of one product, Clay lube, sealant, quick detailer. I use it as a Clay lube to knock out claying a car and adding 1 YEAR of protection, apply it on a dry panel and watch the paint look dripping wet. Once you have that protection keep it in the car for bug guts, sprinklers, or bird poo so that it doesnt have a chance to set and mess with your protection or worse the clear coat.

  3. Drake Strong (verified owner)

    This has become my favorite Sealant across all brands. Gives great slickness, shine, and water beading. I use this as my upsell from a wax to a sealant in my business. I prefer the wipe on wipe off method to a dry panel, but if i am in a hurry i do the spray on while wet, then rinse off and dry method.

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