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Ceramic + is the maintenance solution to help prevent contaminants from sticking to your vehicle and drys off the vehicle faster and more efficiently.

Ceramic+ on a wet surface acts as a drying aid after washing. It is safe to apply to dry surfaces including paint, plastics, rubber seals, and glass. The oily blend leaves behind 3-month ceramic paint protection and allows the surface to dry off more efficiently.

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How to Use


  1. Clean the vehicle

  2. Lightly spray Ceramic+ onto your microfiber towel

  3. Start applying it to the dry or wet surface

  4. Use a secondary towel to buff off any excess

    Do not use in direct sunlight

Additional information

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in


  1. Dmarcus Spencer (verified owner)

    I would not wash a vehicle without this. It makes detailing life so easy.

  2. Alan Nieves (verified owner)

    A drying aid that provides a 3 months of ceramic protection. I can’t even get other “ceramic” drying aids to last more than a week.

  3. Dustin Wharton (verified owner)

    Amazing drying aid! 10/10 lubrication, protection, and quick snappy drying!? What more could you want!? Great product OP

  4. Jerry O’Neill (verified owner)

    The best drying aid I’ve used so far and the smell is fantastic!

  5. Ben Killham (verified owner)

    Ceramic Plus is an awesome finishing spray for your cars paint. It has multiple uses from just a very lite spray into your soft microfiber towel it will shine the Glossy sections on your dash, radio, and center console. I use it as a drying-aid every day. It leaves a fantastic gloss and shine. I highly recommend Ceramic Plus !!!

  6. Luis Morales Flores (verified owner)

    Hands down best product that I’ve used. The results are crazy plus the gloss is like no other product that I’ve seen on the market. If you want a quick drying aid plus ceramic protection then this is perfect for you!

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