Ceramic +

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Ceramic + is the maintenance solution to help prevent contaminants from sticking to your vehicle and dry off the vehicle faster and more efficiently.

Ceramic+ on a wet surface acts as a drying aid after washing. It is safe to apply to dry surfaces including paint, plastics, rubber seals, and glass. The oily blend leaves behind 3-month ceramic paint protection and allows the surface to dry off more efficiently.

Ceramic +

Harnessing advanced ceramic coatings, Ceramic + acts as a potent shield, deterring contaminants from adhering to your vehicle’s surface and extending the life of your existing sealant. Its versatile application allows for effortless towel drying on wet surfaces, reducing drying time and the risk of scratches.

With an added infusion of spray wax, Ceramic+ enhances gloss and reinforces paint protection. Safe for various surfaces, including paint, plastics, rubber seals, and glass, its lasting effects provide up to three months of ceramic paint protection, making frequent reapplication a thing of the past.

Elevate your vehicle maintenance routine and experience the epitome of automotive care.

Ceramic + redefines vehicle maintenance. Its advanced ceramic coatings technology shields against contaminants and extends sealant life. Effortlessly glide through towel drying, minimizing scratches and water spotting. Infused with spray wax, it enriches gloss and fortifies protection.

Apply safely to paint, plastics, rubber seals, and glass, enjoying up to three months of ceramic paint protection. Revolutionize your care routine with Ceramic+ for unparalleled automotive maintenance.

How to Use Ceramic +


  1. Clean the vehicle

  2. Lightly spray Ceramic+ onto your microfiber towel

  3. Start applying it to the dry or wet surface

  4. Use a secondary towel to buff off any excess

Do not use in direct sunlight

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

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