Glass Maintenance Kit

Owner’s Pride best sellers Glass and Slick come in the Glass Maintenance Kit. The Glass Maintenance Kit is the best car window cleaner starter pack.


Glass Maintenance Kit

The initial step in achieving spotless car windows involves employing a quality car-glass cleaner. The Glass Maintenance Kit helps cut through grime, ensuring a flawlessly clear and streak-free window with each application. Glass stands out as a top-tier choice among the best car window cleaner options available, thanks to its user-friendly nature.

Glass and Slick boast exceptional versatility, suitable for cleaning both the interior and exterior glass surfaces of your car’s windshield and other windows. The added convenience lies in its easy wipe-off process, accomplished effortlessly with a clean microfiber towel, resulting in a streak-free finish.

Experience the transformation as Glass eradicates internal dust and roadside residue from your vehicle’s glass surfaces. Discover firsthand why both professional and DIY auto detailers worldwide entrust Owner’s Pride for their cleaning needs.


Designed to effortlessly cut through dirt, dust, and grime, this powerful cleaning product ensures a streak-free finish, leaving your car windows without streaks.

Say goodbye to the frustration of streaks and residues on your car windows – our advanced formula guarantees crystal-clear glass both inside and outside your vehicle, without the need for excessive scrubbing.

Tint-safe and highly efficient, our OP Glass is your go-to choice for maintaining a pristine car windshield. Use the car glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth or towel to prevent streaks and scratches, ensuring your exterior and interior window glass surfaces achieve a flawless, streak-free shine every time.

Slick – Quick Detail Spray

This game-changing quick detail spray delivers a glossy and water-resistant finish on the go. Wave goodbye to outdated waxing methods as Slick streamlines your detailing routine with its swift and hassle-free application.

Unveil a stunning gloss and bolster water resistance effortlessly. Designed for both daily maintenance and instant enhancement, this quick detail spray caters to car enthusiasts seeking a show-worthy finish without the time commitment. From car shows to everyday commutes, Slick ensures your vehicle is always at its prime, delivering a sleek appearance and a protective water-resistant shield. Embrace the modern era of detailing with the ultimate solution for achieving a brilliant, water-resistant exterior with minimal effort.

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