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No elbow grease needed! This tint-safe glass cleaner leaves your windows streak-free every time. It removes more dirt, dust, and grime with less product than other cleaners.

There’s nothing better than cleaning your windows with ease! Then driving down the road without those pesky streaks to annoy you.

Catch peoples’ eyes and get a sparkle coming off your windows today. Show off your owner’s pride!

How To Use This Cleaner:

  1. Get two towels.

  2. Mist onto one microfiber towel.

  3. Start cleaning the windows with your microfiber towel.

  4. Buff away any streaks with your other microfiber towel.

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The perfect conditions for using this cleaner (when possible):

  • Low Humidity – When the humidity is too high, the glass cleaner will not evaporate quickly enough.
  • Room Temperature – Working in either the hot summer sun or the cold frozen winter will have an effect on the product. It might evaporate too soon, leaving spots, of not clean well enough.
  • Proper Towels – Although the products help to loosen up the dirt, you still need a proper microfiber towel to remove it safely and completely from the surface.
  • Shade – The small amount of heat coming from the sun might cause it to evaporate too quickly.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

16oz, 1 Gallon

2 reviews for Glass Streak Free Cleaner

  1. Alan Nieves

    One warning about this product. Use very few sprays! Other products you have to lay on thick to get even coverage but not Glass by Owners pride. I’ve never had a glass cleaner that lasted this long.

  2. Drake Strong

    This is different then other glass cleaners. It feels a little “soapy” but still cleans the glass without a residue. My issue all come from being a mobile detailer in direct sunlight, so sometimes i have my first towel damp with my eco wash solution, then spray glass cleaner, and buff dry with a separate towel.

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