OP Detailing Kit


Looking for a gift for that special someone, or do you want a complete auto detailing kit to take care of your own ride? The OP Auto Detailing Kit includes Eco Wash Concentrated, Ceramic +, OP Clean, OP Glass, Dash Guard +, and Tire Shine. With this all-in-one car detailing kit, you will be able to clean and maintain your ride inside and out with ease.

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OP Detailing Kit

The Owner’s Pride Auto Detailing Kit offers a comprehensive solution for vehicle care, encompassing Eco Wash Concentrated and Ceramic + for exterior cleaning and protection, OP Clean, OP Glass, Dash Guard +, and Tire Shine for interior and exterior maintenance.

This well-rounded kit caters to both gift-giving and personal automotive care needs, reflecting Owner’s Pride’s commitment to excellence. From lifting dirt and creating protective barriers to simplifying interior and exterior cleaning and enhancing tire appearance, the OP Detailing Kit presents a thoughtfully curated collection of products that ensures a thorough and elevated care experience.

This All-in-One Auto Detailing Kit Includes:

Eco Wash Concentrated

Eco Wash Concentrated is a rinseless wash that cleans your vehicle without needing to get the bucket out and get water everywhere. Eco Wash Concentrated uses emulsifiers to pick up dirt and debris from the surface. it also contains polymers to protect the paint from the dirt and debris that is being picked up.


Ceramic+ is the maintenance solution to help prevent contaminants from sticking to your vehicle and dry off the vehicle faster and more efficiently. Ceramic+ on a wet surface acts as a drying aid after washing. It is safe to apply to dry surfaces including paint, plastics, rubber seals, and glass. The oily blend leaves behind 3-month ceramic paint protection and allows the surface to dry off more efficiently.

OP Clean

OP Clean is a biodegradable concentrated cleaner. The powerful formula is great for cleaning paint, tires, engine bays, and plastic pieces. Dilute OP Clean even more and it is safe on your interior. OP Clean can remove old dressings, stains, hand residue, and much more.


Glass is the streak-free glass cleaner that leaves your glass streak-free every time. Glass is tint safe, and it removes dirt, dust, and grime without a lot of scrubbing. You will be able to cut through more grime with less product than other glass cleaners.

Dash Guard+

Bring the ultimate protection to your interior with Dash Guard+. Dash Guard+ helps rejuvenate all your interior plastics, vinyl, leather, and rubber. It also protects against UV rays so your interior is protected. Get the look you are looking for, if you want a higher shine, let Dash Guard + sit longer on the surface before you buff off the excess for a higher shine or buff off immediately for more of a natural look.

Tire Shine

Tire Shine is a water-based tire shine that has durable protection and an amazing shine. Tire shine is safe on all exterior plastics, rubber, and engine bays. Tire Shine also blocks harmful UV rays to protect your surfaces from oxidation.

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