OP Maroon Correction Pad – 3.5 Inch


The OP Maroon Pad is great for removing swirls and scratches from the clear coat. 3 Inch Backing Plate Required.

  • 3.5 Inches
  • Medium/Heavy Cut

Maroon Correction Pad – 3.5 Inch

The OP Maroon Paint Correction Pad is an indispensable tool for achieving flawless results in your car care journey. Designed with meticulous precision, this pad is your partner in effectively removing swirls and scratches from your vehicle’s clear coat, ensuring a pristine finish that shines with brilliance.

Crafted for excellence, this buffing pad boasts a versatile 3.5-inch size, ideal for precision-focused work on various vehicle surfaces. Whether you’re aiming to restore a high-gloss finish or eliminate unsightly imperfections, this foam pad offers medium/heavy cut capabilities that can tackle a range of correction needs.

The dual-action nature of this pad, coupled with its compatibility with 3-inch backing plates, makes it an excellent choice for both professional detailers and enthusiasts alike. The OP Maroon Pad’s foam composition and cutting capabilities are harmonized to efficiently remove scratches and swirls without compromising the integrity of your vehicle’s clear coat.

When it comes to paint correction, precision is key, and the OP Maroon Paint Correction Pad has been carefully designed to provide just that. Elevate your car care routine with a tool that embodies both effectiveness and quality, allowing you to achieve remarkable results with ease. Whether you’re using it with a dual-action polisher or other suitable equipment, the polisher pad is the key to transforming your vehicle’s appearance from ordinary to extraordinary.

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