OP Maroon Correction Pad – 5 Inch

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The OP Maroon Pad is great for removing swirls and scratches from the clear coat. For best results, we recommend to use these pads with a 21mm throw polisher.

  • 5 Inches
  • Medium/Heavy Cut

OP Maroon Correction Pad – 5 Inch

The OP Maroon Pad stands as a versatile and effective solution for rectifying swirls and scratches on a vehicle’s clear coat. With its medium/heavy cut, this 5-inch pad offers the capability to address a range of imperfections with precision, ensuring a renewed and polished appearance. Its compatibility with a 21mm throw polisher further maximizes its potential, ensuring consistent and efficient results.

Beyond surface enhancement, the pad contributes to the overall protection and value of the vehicle by restoring clarity and smoothness to the clear coat. This transformative tool embodies a commitment to automotive excellence, making it an essential component of a comprehensive detailing regimen.

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