OP White Polishing Pad – 6 Inch

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The OP White Pad is great for removing micro marring and dealing with a soft clear coat. For best results, we recommend using these pads with a 21mm throw polisher.

  • 6 Inches
  • Finishing Pad

OP White Polishing Pad – 6 Inch

The White Polishing Pad – 6 Inch is a specialized automotive detailing pad designed for efficiently removing micro marring and enhancing soft clear coat surfaces. With a 6-inch diameter and optimized compatibility with a 21mm throw polisher, this finishing pad refines paintwork during the final stages of polishing, resulting in a high-gloss, smooth finish. It proves essential for achieving flawless automotive results, particularly on vehicles with delicate clear coats, making it a valuable tool for both professional detailers and enthusiasts seeking optimal polishing outcomes.

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