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OP Paint Prep helps remove compounds and polishes from painted surfaces. OP Paint Prep is perfect for the preparation of any vehicle for ceramic coatings or other paint protection. OP Paint Prep creates the perfect surface for your ceramic coatings to bond.

Owner’s Pride Auto Body Paint Prep

Paint Prep plays a pivotal role in automotive detailing by effectively removing compounds and polishes from painted surfaces, ensuring a clean and contaminant-free canvas for the application of ceramic coatings and other paint protection. This specialized solution not only enhances surface cleanliness but also facilitates the optimal bonding of protective treatments, such as ceramic coatings, by creating an ideal foundation for adhesion.

By using OP Paint Prep, detailers can elevate the longevity and performance of protective measures, contributing to enhanced hydrophobic properties, UV resistance, and protection against environmental elements, making it an essential component in achieving both aesthetic and functional excellence in vehicle detailing.


  1. Spray directly onto your microfiber towel.
  2. Wipe the surface in one direction.
  3. Continue to prep the whole vehicle

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1 review for Paint Prep

  1. RIch Lucas (verified owner)

    The best paint prep I have used. Removes ALL the compound/polish residue and also dissolves and removes baked on tree sap and road tar. Love this stuff!

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