Poly Backing Paper Mats


Disposable paper mats with polyester backing do not break and leak under strenuous use.

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Poly Backing Paper Mats

Poly backing paper mats are versatile and indispensable assets within the car industry, fulfilling a range of vital roles. These mats, featuring plastic or polyethylene backing, are strategically placed on vehicle floors during repair, maintenance, detailing, test drives, and showroom displays to safeguard interiors from dirt, grease, fluids, and potential damage.

In workshops and service bays, they prevent stains and debris accumulation while work is conducted, and during professional detailing or car washes, they ensure that interior surfaces remain pristine by averting the intrusion of water, cleaning agents, or detailing products.

Moreover, these mats extend their protective influence to trade shows, events, and customer deliveries, underlining their significance in maintaining the integrity and appeal of vehicles throughout various stages within the automotive sector.

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