Quick Care Bundle


Maintaining your vehicle shouldn’t be difficult! With the Quick Care Bundle you get the essentials you need to keep your vehicle looking its best inside & out.

Ultra Wash is a premium carwash soap designed for maximum foaming action. Our everyday detail spray, Slick, will instantly add gloss to any vehicle & is perfect for an on the go shine. Spiffy will have your interior clean in a jiffy with its Ready-To-Use formula great for light cleanups and bigger messes alike.

The Quick Care Bundle Comes with 1 16oz Bottle of Ultra Wash, Slick, and Spiffy.

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Ultra Wash – Car Wash Soap Concentrate

Ultra Wash is a premium car wash soap concentrate designed to redefine your car cleaning experience. With its high-concentration formula, Ultra Wash generates maximum foam and lather, effortlessly tackling even the most stubborn dirt and grime while remaining gentle on your vehicle’s paint. This advanced wash product guarantees a perfect car wash, leaving automotive surfaces immaculate and refreshed.

Crafted for excellence, Ultra Wash is optimized for ceramic-coated vehicles, ensuring an impeccable clean without compromising the integrity of your paint. Its clean rinse technology guarantees a residue-free finish, making it a reliable choice for maintaining the pristine appearance of your vehicle. Elevate your car care routine with a premium solution that effortlessly removes dirt, enhances shine, and delivers a flawless wash, all while safeguarding your vehicle’s paint and leaving nothing behind but a stunningly clean surface.

Slick – Quick Detail Spray

This game-changing quick detail spray delivers a glossy and water-resistant finish on the go. Wave goodbye to outdated waxing methods as Slick streamlines your detailing routine with its swift and hassle-free application.

Unveil a stunning gloss and bolster water resistance effortlessly. Designed for both daily maintenance and instant enhancement, this quick detail spray caters to car enthusiasts seeking a show-worthy finish without the time commitment. From car shows to everyday commutes, Slick ensures your vehicle is always at its prime, delivering a sleek appearance and a protective water-resistant shield. Embrace the modern era of detailing with the ultimate solution for achieving a brilliant, water-resistant exterior with minimal effort.

Spiffy – Car Interior Cleaner

Spiffy is the ultimate solution for a meticulously clean and protected car interior. With its powerful formula, Spiffy effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and grease from a wide range of interior surfaces including leather seats, car seats, fabric, vinyl, plastic, and more. Experience the transformation with just one spray of Spiffy, witnessing an instant visual and tactile improvement that leaves your car interior feeling impeccably fresh and revitalized.

Spiffy goes beyond cleaning by imparting a protective layer that defends against daily wear and tear, ensuring a prolonged pristine appearance. Its versatile formulation streamlines your interior cleaning routine, eliminating the need for multiple products. Enjoy the added benefit of UV protection, guarding your interior against sun-induced damage. Elevate your car care experience with Spiffy – the best interior car cleaner that not only cleans and refreshes but also safeguards your car’s interior surfaces, making every drive a clean and comfortable journey.

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