Rupes UNO Pure Ultrafine Polish


1 Liter

UNO PURE is the ONE ultra-fine finishing polish needed to create a stunning gloss on all polisher types: Gear-driven orbital, random orbital, and rotary.

Rupes UNO Pure Ultrafine Polish

As the name implies, UNO PURE polishes the finish using a propriety blend of high-tech abrasives to create true gloss without the use of fillers, temporary gloss enhancers, or other masking agents. Optimized to work with BigFoot D-A Ultra-Fine pads, this amazing finishing polish is ideal for removing haze and polishing marks from the softest automotive paints and surfaces.

The fantastic finishing ability and absence of filers make UNO PURE the best choice in creating show-car gloss or preparing a surface for a high-quality protective coating.


  • Universal across all BigFoot Polishing System Movements
  • Smooth user experience with easy wipe off
  • Unmatched finishing quality, even on the softest paint systems
  • Validated for all paint types, including single stage, clearcoat, hard, soft, or “sticky” paints
  • No intentional filling ingredients added
    • No protection properties. Leaves the finish “PURE” and ready for application of a protective coating or sealant – For best results, use with RUPES D-A Ultra-Fine White Finishing Foam Pads

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 9 in

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