Typhoon Pro Air Gun


The Typhoon® Pro is an all- metal, plated version of the Typhoon® Blow Gun. This allows for easy cleanup in paint or greasy environments. The metal trigger and grip provide durability in the harshest of conditions.

Typhoon Pro Air Gun

The Typhoon® Pro represents an upgraded, all-metal version of the Typhoon® Blow Gun, specifically engineered to excel in tough paint or greasy environments. Its plated metal body ensures easy cleanup and durability, while the metal trigger and grip enhance its resilience in demanding conditions. The ergonomic design promotes user comfort and efficiency during extended use, and the blow gun’s corrosion-resistant composition guarantees longevity and reliability in industrial and heavy-duty applications.

As a versatile tool, the Typhoon® Pro stands as a reliable and enduring choice, catering to the needs of professionals working in challenging settings, where its sturdiness, adaptability, and durability shine through.

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